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Reviews criteria 1
Reviews criteria 2
Reviews criteria 3
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The Android app store will rank apps by how often they have been downloaded, and how often they have been downloaded recently. Almost all apps will show persons the exact stats on how many times one app has been downloaded. If a business wants to increase the amount that their app is downloaded, they can simply pay persons to download it. Most persons will download the app, and then delete it right away. These kinds of downloads can usually be purchased for only a couple of dollars. It is also possible to contact firms that specialize in generating thousands of app downloads for a couple of cents a piece.

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Simple Installations

This type of campaign is used to increase installations count of your application on play store and you can show stability of your application to upcoming users. Also, it will help a bit to increase visibility with a relevant keywords. But daily un-installation ration will also high if you are going to use this campaign.

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Multi-days Installations

To ignore high daily un-installation ration, you use this feature. By using this feature, our users will keep your app as per your required time period and they will also open once at least in a day. This feature will help to get slightly stronger position than normal installation only.

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Search & Install

This one is the best feature we are providing to promote your app. By this feature, our user will install your app by searching genuine with predefined related keywords. This will give drastic change in position on google play store search result with related keywords. One condition is, your app must have to be in first 20 position with your selected keyword.

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