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Tips on How to Advertise an App Effectively

After developing and launching your mobile app, the next step on your checklist is to advertise it! This is extremely important to catch the user’s attention. In this article we want to explain how to advertise an app and introduce some tools that simplify the management process.

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The app store optimization, also known as ASO, is the cornerstone of advertising an app. With it, you can optimize your app and perfect its app store features, concerning both appearance and findability. By implementing suitable keywords in the title and description of your app you can increase ranking position in the app stores and ensure that users find it easily. Furthermore, by designing a unique and memorable icon together with screenshots and maybe even a video – which explains the benefit of your app – you can convince the user to download your app.

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Word of Mouth

Since most people make a buying decision based on recommendations and suggestions of people they know, word of mouth publicity is very important for an app. Make sure, your users are content with your app and encourage them to review or recommend it to others. You can even give them the opportunity to share it directly with their friends – which leads us to our next point.

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Social Media

Social Media is a great tool to connect all users of an app – and alert others who haven’t discovered it yet. On one hand, you can include options for users to interact within the app or communicate with them on Facebook. On the other hand, you can suggest them to invite their friends and share the experience together – potentially with a reward in return.

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Influencer Marketing

With so-called influencers, like YouTubers and Instagrammers, you can reach a unique group of users, who follow and trust their idol. You can let them advertise your app to their followers by posting videos or pictures featuring your product. Additionally, you can choose influencers with a significant reach and ask them to review your app.

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Search Ads

Both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store offer own ways for you to advertise an app. Under Android, you can make use of sponsored Search Results, which are search ads on Google Play. They enable developers to heighten the awareness of their apps and users can discover them much more easily. With Search Ads in the App Store, developers can place their app before other search results, but they are only available in the U.S., UK, Australia and New Zealand. You can create a Search Ad Campaign with Apple’s self-service dashboard and there is no minimum spend or additional costs, unless the user taps the ad. Apple has set a bidding system for this feature, which makes it possible to set a price according to your current budget.

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Traditional Advertising / In-Store

Of course, you can use traditional methods to advertise your app as well! For instance, they can be broadcasted on TV or the radio – which will grant you great reach albeit require a much higher budget. If you run a store, for example a clothing store, and create a mobile app for that purpose you can advertise your app locally. Like that, customers who visit your shop take notice of your app and may use it to purchase something in the convenience of their home.

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Advertising Campaign Management

The term advertising campaign management combines all steps from planning a strategy to finding the right user segment for the product and addressing them appropriately. More specifically, you approach the general public through advertising in the media, while reaching out to existing users personally, e.g. via e-mails. The last step is to evaluate the results of the campaign. With different software and programs, like advertising dashboards, advertisers can access their campaign’s reporting and measure its performance across different metrics and assets. These data help advertisers to identify optimization opportunities so that they can adjust the campaign.

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Ad Targeting

Ad targeting, also known as targeted advertising, is a method of tailoring adverts to a specific target group or user segment. Therefor you analyse the past behavior plus demographics and psychographics of your users and create ads according to these data. By doing so, you can address your users and especially their interests directly. This method assists you in finding the right users who will respond positively to your app and reduce the chance of annoying uninterested users. This also prevents you from investing into advertising campaigns that won’t be effective.

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Advertising Dashboard

Advertising dashboards are a helpful tool to measure and supervise the key metrics of an advertising campaign. This indicates early on in your campaign, where you have to make improvements. For example, when you detect a poor click-through-rate for some ads you know that you have to optimize them. And remember: the sooner you can identify and solve problems with any part of your advertising campaign the better your results in the end. Therefore, permanent monitoring of your campaigns plays a big part for the success of your app!

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