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How to Optimize your App by App Store Optimization ?

ASO is some kind of process of improving the mobile apps’ visibility in an App Store. Just like Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is for websites, app store optimization is for mobile apps. To be specific, it includes the process of ranking apps via keyword search in an app store and pushes the app into top charts. With this method, apps will rank higher in search results and get into top charts, which will drive more installs.

Role of ASO in App Ranking

ASO plays a main role in App Ranking. ASO is extremely significant, because not only apps are big business, but also customers are willing to search for those apps. Some research reports that more than 70% of app customers prefer browsing in the app store to discover new apps. As we know, there are many different ways for customers to find new apps – media, websites, friends, etc. But far and away, customers are searching for new apps. This leads ASO to get more and more significant for app developers. Another reason why ASO is getting more important – apps can benefit from it a lot. See what benefits ASO can bring to apps in the following parts. In the app store lists, an app will get improved on app search results and immediate app comprehension. An app will get opportunities to increase app ranking through recommendations in category and sub-category. With suitable icon & screenshot suggestion, it will help brand recall, increase conversion and rapid app comprehension. ASO will increase app sales and search discovery.

Elements Affecting ASO

When app owners promote an app, there are many factors affecting the results. If your business is building an app, you have likely put quite a bit of work into it. Once the product is finished, your success depends on whether customers can find it. Let’s look at how you can make sure your hard work doesn’t waste. To perform app store optimization, you need to look to your competitors, your users and employ the use of some key app tools. In this series, we will break down the steps to perform app store optimization to improve the performance of your app name, icon, screenshot and your product description. Take iOS apps, for example, users have about 1.2 million apps to choose from, so app developers have to work hard to make their apps stand out. While, learning about the following affecting factor of ASO can help you achieve this goal easily:
⦁ Title and subtitle
⦁ Icon
⦁ Description
⦁ Screenshots
⦁ Reviews and ratings
⦁ Preview video
⦁ Keywords
⦁ The volume of downloads
⦁ The retention rate
⦁ Uninstalls

How to Optimize your App by ASO

Various factors are part of app store optimization – visible and invisible for the user. Content optimization has become a popular marketing topic in recent years, helping companies rank at the top of search engine results for a variety of keywords. This type of content marketing extends to iTunes, where an app’s description helps customers find and download it. In addition, after you learned about the details of affecting factor of ASO, here are more useful tips to help your app to get discovered and installed, such as:

1. Choose a Right Title

The title is the first impression for users to learn about your app. Thus, it is essential to add the keywords in title to increase the exposure rate of your app. If you have limited space in the title, you can add the keywords in the subtitle to introduce to function and feature of your app.

2. Choose a Right Icon

If one install an app via searching a relevant keyword in app stores, he will focus on the title firstly. But then he will move his sight to your app icon. If you have a unengaging or normal icon, you will lose this potential user even though your app has a high-quality content. Therefore, before upload your app in app stores, you have to design an attractive and creative icon to drive more app traffic and downloads.

3. Create a Attractive Description

The description is the only access for users to learn about your app’s function and features carefully. So, you have to realize the importance of description of your app.

4. Maximize Keywords

The keywords position also can affect your app ranking, so you can put the most important keywords in the top of keywords period. Also, the long tail keywords are the most useful for you to optimize with the low competition. You can analyze your competitors and use some relevant keywords tools to help you get more appropriate keywords for your app.

5. Update Regularly

When you find some problems and bugs of your app, you have to update your app in time to improve the users’ experience. This method also can help you increase the retention rate and boost your app ranking in app stores.

6. Reviews and Ratings

Every App user pays a lot of attention to the reviews and ratings of the app he or she is downloading. Therefore reviews and Ratings are insanely important for app promotion. Also, reviews can show the feedback of users and problems of your app. You can optimize your app according to these reviews and satisfy the users’ needs. Indeed, if you have enough budget, you can buy app reviews from real users to improve the quality of your app and get a higher rank in app stores.

7. Advertise on Social Sites

In other words, this method is equal to the process of app marketing. Popularizing your app in some popular social media, like Facebook, Instagram. Also, you can put your app link in some relevant forums to drive more downloads.

8. Cooperate with a trusted App Promotion Company

If you have enough budget then you can also connect with a App Promotion Comany who can help you to get better App Ranking. SKWAR is a also trusted name in App marketing and Ad-Network.
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