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Still the most popular mobile ad format, the banner ad uses an unobtrusive “banner” at the top or bottom of the screen which features relevant text and graphics. Banner ads rely heavily on brand recognition, with little space to provide detailed information. Its a simple and safe way for a brand to get their name and product viewed by as many people as possible.


Native ads are ads that don’t really look like ads. Rather than present a banner with relevant information, native ads attempt to seamlessly integrate with the publisher’s app. The ad format mimics that of the original app format for optimal user experience.


Video ads are simple in their concept yet complex in their execution. They are literally videos that play either while a user opens or interacts with a mobile application. They require a substantial budget, but offer a high level of user engagement.


Interstitial ads are interactive ads that display across the entire screen, often while an app is loading or after an app is closed. Interstitials offer users a chance to partake in high-level engagement with an advertisement’s product, often featuring compelling and creative call-to-actions.


Interactive, highly dynamic ads that are limited only by the advertiser’s creativity (and budget). Rich media ads specialize in creatively engaging with users to generate high CTR and conversions. The Mobile Majority’s own rich media ad builder AdKit™ has already begun to demonstrate the power of rich media through various successful campaigns with big-name clients like Proctor & Gamble and Expedia.
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